About me

Hi there, I’m Maciej.

I’m trying to improve how we, as a society, live. My focus is on self-management, transparency, and decentralization. Right now, I’m putting to use what I’ve learned, at Ragnarson. It allows me to develop new insights at the same time.

Privately, I’m a motorcyclist, music lover, and bookworm.

My story

I believe there is much to be improved with the modern world. There are two problems which I find disconcerting: opacity and centralization. I see them as forces hampering our ability to create better societies.

Since 2014, together with the team, I’ve been experimenting with self-management practices at Ragnarson. Instead of making centralized decisions at the top, we tried the opposite by delegating power to people. In order to provide them with necessary context, we opened up our company data. It proved to be successful and is now part of our culture.

In 2016, I became interested in the blockchain. Since then, I’m trying to understand how what we have learned could be combined with its characteristics and deployed on a larger scale.

Let’s talk

I don’t have all the answers but I’m motivated to share our findings. Feel free to contact me at maciej at maciejgalkiewicz.com.